Restorative Yoga Sanctuary

Venue: Prana Yoga Studio

    Join Jeanette for a deep and nourishing reset. Restorative Yoga is designed to rejuvenate vital life force energy (prana) by deeply calming the nervous system and quieting the mind, reconnecting us to our essential vitality.


    This workshop is designed to nurture and nourish you. Find balance within beingness as we slow down and attune to the world within. Sink into profound inner stillness and relaxation through the art of non-doing.


    Restorative Yoga utilizes supportive props to create long comfortably held postures, deeply soothing the central nervous system while creating subtle openings and releases in the physical body. This practice is the ‘art of relaxation’ where doing less is truly more ….. more clarity, energy and balance!


    Melt away stress and create a clean slate for clarity, renewal, and inspiration. Suitable for all levels.


    All in studio participants will be offered sanitized props to practice with. Please bring a blanket for covering up and an eye pillow if you wish to use one.



    Sunday June 16th